2014 Festival News

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People are always asking us, “What do I get if I go VIP?” so we decided to let you know.  Here are the 7 great reasons to get VIP tickets to the Moorpark Beer Festival

1. You get a free Moorpark Beer Festival Pint Glass

break pint
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Because who doesn’t want something engraved with the Moorpark Beer Festival Logo to drink with when you get home… or the morning after? (We give them out upon exit).

2. The VIP Area

VIP Area

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The VIP Area is for VIP ticket-holders only!  This year we aren’t even letting the beer vendors inside to make it more exclusive.  Oh, and did I mention that there is seating in the VIP area?  Everyone else probably will be sitting on the ground… but not you!

3. Free Food in the VIP Area

Free Food

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The VIP area also has food provided for all the VIP ticket-holders.  There’s no need for you to wait in line for the Food Trucks because we’ve got you covered in VIP!

Bonus!  StoneFire Grill is catering the VIP Area.  Can you say delicious BBQ?

stonefire logo


4. VIPs get in 1 hour earlier than everyone else

Beer Its Beautiful

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If you want to ensure that you get the chance to hob-knob with some of the local brewers without holding up the line, go VIP.  VIPs get in at 3pm and everyone else get’s in at 4pm.  That’s 60 minutes where you get to spend some 1-on-1 time learning about some awesome brew!

5. There is a small amount of VIP Tix

End of the line please

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Because we want VIP to be an amazing experience, we only sell 300 tickets.  Don’t miss out because you thought they would be for sale at the door.. because they won’t be.

6. Designated Drivers can be VIPs too!

beer fest dancing

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This year we added a Non-Drinking VIP Ticket, that includes everything but booze.  Drive safe and treat your DD to a VIP ticket… they deserve one for dealing with your drunken-ness.

7. Beer Tasting All Evening Long


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Okay, all the people who attend the Moorpark Beer Festival get beer tasting all evening, but it’s still pretty awesome.  VIP’s get to sample beer from 3pm until last call at 7pm.

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