2014 Festival News

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Beerfest Site MapThe Moorpark Beer Festival, held once again on the campus of Moorpark College, will feature a larger venue to provide more space for vendors and guests. This year’s Festival enclosure will be approximately 150,000 square feet, which is 50 percent larger than the 2013 event.

While the footprint of the Moorpark Beer Festival is growing, the attendance will not. Like the 2013 Festival, the event will only be selling 3,000 tickets.

Dylan Gunning, Chairman of the Moorpark Beer Festival, had the following remarks: “The amount of open space and the length of lines for vendors at the Moorpark Beer Festival is a frequent concern that we work to alleviate. We hear loud and clear the feedback from attendees. Adding more space to roam and inviting more vendors are deliberate efforts to improve the experience for festival guests.”

Entering it’s 5th year, the Moorpark Beer Festival has become a staple in the Eastern Ventura County community calendar. The event raises money for local nonprofit organizations. Last year, the Moorpark Morning Rotary Club Foundation donated $20,000 in festival profits to 20 community organizations and schools.

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