2014 Festival News

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Grilled Cheese Truck

16 Food Vendors, including Food Truck Operators and area restaurants, will serve their food at the Moorpark Beer Festival at Moorpark College on October 11. This is the first year that Food Trucks are part of the Moorpark Beer Festival.

Dylan Gunning, Chairman of the Moorpark Beer Festival, had the following remarks: “Each year we try to add new elements to improve the festival experience for our guests. This year we have added food trucks — the latest trend in high-quality mobile food. We hope our guests love it, and can’t wait to hear your experiences”.

The Moorpark Beer Festival will feature 11 savory food trucks and 5 dessert food trucks and food vendors. Food is not included in the event ticket price and must be purchased.

Notable Food Truck Vendors include The Grilled Cheese Truck, Cousins Maine Lobster and ConFusion Sushi Roll Tacos.  To view the list of Food Vendors serving at the event, visit http://www.moorparkbeerfestival.com/food.

Entering it’s 5th year, the Moorpark Beer Festival has become a staple in the Eastern Ventura County community calendar. The event raises money for local nonprofit organizations. Last year, the Moorpark Rotary Club Foundation donated $20,000 in festival profits to 20 community organizations and schools.

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