2014 Festival News

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2 Weeks Graphic

The Moorpark Beer Tasting Festival is approaching at light speed. We are only 2 weeks away from the 5th Annual Moorpark Beer Festival!  This year’s event looks like it’s going to be the best ever — with great entertainment, an awesome lineup of 25 breweries and 16 gourmet food trucks.

Presale tickets for the Moorpark Beer Festival are being sold for $40 each.  At the end of the week, they will go up to $50 per person.  It’s still a great deal for beer tasting all evening, but who doesn’t want to save $10 if they have the chance?  At 12:01am on Saturday, October 4th tickets prices go up.  Buy your tickets to save yourself some cash, and be sure to tell your friends as well.

Some key highlights include:

This is going to be the best Moorpark Beer Festival on record.  Buy your tickets by this Friday to save some cash and have a good time.