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By Michele Willer-Allred

More than 2,200 people came to Moorpark College on Saturday to enjoy everything about beer at the fifth annual Moorpark Beer Festival organized by local Rotarians.

Those at the sold-out event were given a glass to taste beer from at least 17 breweries, with the county and region well-represented.

Beerfest Tap 2014

Many visitors paired their beer with a variety of food that was available.

The event also included entertainment and a variety of beer- and wine-related gifts, including beer soap.

All proceeds from the event will benefit local school and other community nonprofit organizations. Last year’s festival generated about $20,000 for about 20 local charities.

The longest line was the one for Enegren Brewing Co., the only brewery in Moorpark.

Moorpark Mayor Janice Parvin kicked off the event by doing an official tapping into a keg in the Enegren booth.

Enegren brought five gallons of its Barrel-Age Saison, which was gone in the first five minutes. For latecomers, the company still had an assortment of beer, including Foliage Pale Ale.

Co-owner Chris Enegren said the Moorpark Beer Festival is his company’s favorite event.

“We’ve been to other beer festivals, but we always go all out for this one. It’s Moorpark. It’s our hometown,” he said.

Steve Hall, brew master of Malibu Sundowner Brewery in Westlake Village, helped serve pumpkin spice porter and a stout with Thai chilies.

“It’s actually pretty good,” said Gary Sonnenberg, of Moorpark, who braved the stout that came with a warning that “it only hurts a little.”

His son Chris Sonnenberg attended the first beer festival when it was held on High Street.

“It was too crowded there and the beer ran out. This location is much better, and the event is enjoyable,” Chris Sonnenberg said.

Michelle Bauman and Eric Sterkel, of Moorpark, came to the event dressed in German Oktoberfest clothes.

“We both like craft beer and live within walking distance from here. We plan on trying a little bit of everything,” Sterkel said.

Steve Gavia, of Oxnard, was there with friend Tawny Leighter, also of Oxnard. While Gavia had been to the event before, it was the first time there for Leighter.

“I like festivals, and this is perfect. It’s nice weather, it’s outdoors and there’s wonderful beer,” Leighter said.

It’s A Grind coffeehouse in Moorpark provided coffee and other beverages without alcohol, and offered coupons as an incentive for designated drivers.

Dylan Gunning, the event’s chairman, said the Moorpark Morning Rotary Club limited the number of people at the event to make it more enjoyable and ensure shorter lines.

Gunning said the event was run solely by volunteers, and taxi rides were available for visitors, local hotels offered specials and there was a place for visitors to leave their car overnight.

“We wanted to make sure this was an enjoyable event, but also a safe one for all participants,” Gunning said.

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