2011 Festival News

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From The VC Star Blog, Ingemusings

It’s almost like torture to sit here in 100-degree weather knowing the second Annual Moorpark Beer Festival is almost three months away, but it’s never too early to mark your calendars. How often do you get to drink beer AND help your community at the same time?

On September 30th, beer enthusiasts from around the county will partake in some frosty brew on High Street at the Moorpark-Morning-Rotary-Club sponsored fundraiser.

“We are excited to once again bring this great community event to Historic Downtown Moorpark,” said club President Barbara Orechoff. “This event is a great opportunity to bring the community of Moorpark together with our neighbors in the region and to raise money to support our local schools and organizations.”

The Moorpark Morning Rotary Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Tickets are $50 at the door, but they can be purchased at a 20 percent discount if ordered from the festival’s website prior to the event. You have plenty of advance warning to save the money. Take advantage. If the price tag seems steep, think of it this way–$40 will only get you about three beers at a Dodger game. At the Moorpark Beer Tasting Festival, not only do you get a whole lot more beer from breweries like Ventura Surf, Stone, Wolf Creek, and Enegren, but you get to help out your community all while having a good time. 

If drinking’s not your thing, there will be lots of food to sample as well. Designated drivers can purchase tickets for $25.

More event details can be found here.