Here is the list of breweries for the 2017 Moorpark Beer Festival. This year we have 7 new breweries that will be on site pouring for the first time! Moorpark Beer Festival is a local celebration of craft beer, and all of our breweries are locally owned and operated. None of our beer vendors are distributors. #DrinkLocal

  • 14 Cannons Brewery & Showroom (new)

    Constructed in 2017, 14 Cannons is a production brewery and showroom. It showcases the industry’s leading vendors while also producing beer by award winning brewer Nic Bortolin. It’s the ideal training ground for any craft beer enthusiast looking to build a brewery.

    Marshall Haraden is the builder and owner of 14 Cannons Brewery and Showroom. The name 14 Cannons is a tribute to his great, great, great, great uncle, Jonathan Haraden who captained the American war ship Tyrannicide in 1777. The ship was part of the Massachusetts State Navy fleet and was armed with 14 guns.

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  • Bravery Brewing Company

    Our mission is simple: brew the finest beer available anywhere, using the best ingredients, and crafted with meticulous care and quality control. we brew in small batches which allows us to be different from other mass marketed, mass produced beers. with small batches we can use specialty ingredients like fruit and spices to brew tasty, exciting styles of beer. bravery brewing company is a proud and growing member of our local community and remains committed to developing strong relationships.

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  • Casa Agria Specialty Ales

    Casa Agria Specialty Ales is a small brewery focusing on mixed fermentation farmhouse style ales and barrel aged wild ales in Ventura County, California. Our beer uses fruit, purchased directly from the farmers who grow them, and are used in season as available. Further influence is found in the food ingredients and diverse cultural traditions of the people who shaped the California of today.

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  • Enegren Brewing Company

    There is something special about beer. Something uniquely intrinsic about it's nature that brings people together to celebrate life, feats of strength and the honor earned from a hard day's work. So take hold of your glass, and raise it high. Here's to you. Here's to the day. And here's to the glory and the power of beer.

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  • Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company

    Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. was founded by father and son team, Jim and Jaime Dietenhofer, in 2010. With a passion for craft beer, they set out to pay homage to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley with handcrafted beer and hand-drawn artwork depicting the local landscape on their labels.

    Named after the mountain seen from their family home in Los Olivos, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company opened in Buellton, California with only a handful of employees. In a short five years, the company has grown to become one of the fastest growing craft breweries in America and now has a staff of over 200 which they affectionately call the #FigFam.

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  • Five Threads Brewing Company

    A “thread” is a term sometimes used when blending two or more beers together. We at Five Threads Brewing Company, LLC find the term “threads” to mean the blending or bringing together of “good things” to create “great things” such as the ingredients of our beer, the members of our team, or the members of our community coming together to share a pint!

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  • Hand-Brewed Beer

    Hand Brewed Beer, LLC creates fine, hand-crafted ales that represent our love of bold choices, the outdoors, and adventure. Our beers have biting flavors and strong mouth-feel that incorporate a regional distinction that no one, but Hand-Brewed Beer, LLC is ready to provide to the west San Fernando Valley.

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  • Institution Ale Company

    We are a family owned and operated micro-brewery dedicated to crafting uncompromised and unfiltered American style ales. We are committed to producing and serving world class beer to our local community. Our Camarillo based brewery has an on-site tasting room and our beer is available at select local bars/restaurants.

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  • The LAB Brewery

    The LAB Brewery @ Twisted Oak Tavern was established in 2015 in the heart of Agoura Hills, California. Bringing a modern take on the traditional tavern along with a brewery producing our very own craft beers on site. Serving an extensive menu with each dish prepared from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients. Voted Best Beer Bar In California!

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  • Leashless Brewing (New)

    We are a certified organic brewery. We are rooted in the idea of being an environmentally-conscious and sustainably-minded company. In fact, we believe that being an organic brewery is the beginning, the foundation, of how we should operate.

    Organic brewing is not just a passion. It’s a vehicle to transform our environment into something better. It’s a way to transform your palate into an environmental revolutionary, one glass of organic craft beer at a time!

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  • M.Special Brewing Company

    M. Special is a collective of friends and family from across the world of beer, food and entertainment. Like a true family, each member pulls on their various areas of expertise to create unique beers and experiences.

    The portfolio of beers are as diverse as the crew ranging from flavors IPA’s to a Crisp American Lager. The tap room will consistently be a familiar place for regulars to have a beer at the bar but also have the ability to become a hub for great music, food and parties.

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  • MacLeod Ale Brewing Company (New)

    Mostly British Ale brewed fresh in Van Nuys. At MacLeod Ale Brewing Company we enjoy the social side of the craft beer industry, the reinvigoration of traditional brewing methods and the opportunity to entertain and mingle with beer drinkers who seek the pleasure in experiencing fresh, naturally carbonated ale at its source.

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  • MadeWest Brewing Company

    MadeWest is the result of two lifelong friends and Ventura natives seeking to share quality handmade craft beer with our community. Our vision is inspired by the spirit of our home state—a spirit of adventure, creative thinking and a healthy respect for the great outdoors—and by our passion for good beer, good design and overall good life experiences.

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  • Ojai Valley Brewery (New)

    Since its beginning The Ojai Valley has been, as it is today, a sanctuary for those whom are Revolutionary By Nature, and have a mission to respectfully create an alternative standard for themselves and their ideals. Ojai Valley Brewery wishes to reflect and contribute just that.

    We love Ojai, and Craft Beer, and because of that, we have a mission to give Craft Beer lovers something Different, and Uniquely Local… Beers crafted for our hot, dry climate, reflecting the essence of our immediate and extremely unique surroundings.

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  • Pocock Brewing Company

    Pocock Brewing Company – a family run craft brewery in Santa Clarita, CA.

    Embrace Life. Drink Good Beer.

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  • Poseidon Brewing Company

    Poseidon Brewing Company is a Small, Local, Veteran Owned, Craft Brewery and Tasting Room.

    Our Spiced Belgian Wit is brewed with Belgian and German malts as well as three different hop varietals from England. We incorporated coarsely ground coriander, whole chamomile flowers, and fresh organic Valencia orange zest from Mud Creek Ranch into the boil. A refreshing yet subtly complex brew.

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  • Rincon Brewery (New)

    Rincon Brewery is dedicated to providing the highest quality, full-flavored, malt beverages. Our inspiration originates from the beautiful Rincon Beach coastline to the fresh, thriving local Carpinteria farmlands. Combined, these waves of grain provide the ideal blend that define the essence of Rincon Brewery.

    With a strong commitment to preservation and restoration of our natural environment, we promise to bring you the freshest, most exceptional, hand-crafted beers the Central Coast has to offer. Our vision is to create an environment at Rincon Brewery, where along with serving the finest beers, friendships will be made, businesses will be shaped and conversations will be cultivated.

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  • San Fernando Brewing Company (new)

    Come in and experience San Fernando Brewing Company. All beers are brewed on site. Sit amongst the brew tanks and enjoy a cold pint of one of our San Fernando Valley inspired craft beers. Enjoy the atmosphere in our taproom, with free popcorn and pretzels, games for your leisure, free wi-fi and food trucks weekly. Please feel free to bring in your own food into the brewery at any time. However, no outside alcohol is permitted.

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  • Telegraph Brewing Company

    Each of Telegraph's brews is carefully crafted in small batches in our traditional copper-clad brewery. We respectfully employ brewing techniques proven over the centuries while eschewing modern shortcuts that might make our lives easier but inevitably lead to less distinctive beers. However, just like you, Telegraph Brewing Co. isn't afraid of trying something new. That's something you'll discover on taking your first sip of our beer.

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  • Third Window Brewing Company (New)

    When we started brewing beer in 2006 we developed perspective, our own beer ideas. We cultivated the dream of creating beer as a vocation. It’s amazing how different the dream is from the actual thing. When you’re brewing in an abandoned little port barn the dream is about you. The brewery moves to a place with a taproom, the tanks are a a bit bigger, and voila! – brewery.

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  • Topa Topa Brewing Company

    We believe in the power of good vibes and great beers. We believe in thinking big, and staying small. We think vans are better for camping than commuting. We believe these boots were made for hiking, not just walking. When the waves are epic, we think sharing them with a friend makes them even better. We believe in tasting life to its fullest, one sip at a time.

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  • Ventura's Surf Brewery

    Ventura County, long known for world class surf spots like Rincon Cove, C-Street and Silver Strand, now has a world class craft beer presence. Surf Brewery®, located minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers. Founded by home brewers and surfers with a passion for beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients.

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  • Westlake Brewing Company

    Westlake Brewing Company is dedicated to providing a variety of unique, full flavored, drinkable beers using the highest quality ingredients. Our inspiration comes from continually striving to create the best product through innovation and quality delivering the freshest beer to our patrons.

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  • Wolf Creek Brewery

    Founded in 1997, Wolf Creek has become the beer for desperado’s, hefe’s, and other outlaws. They don’t care that all these fancy organizations have given them gold medals for these beers. For them, it is about the taste! Beer that liberates your taste buds from bland beer.

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