Okay, these are the rules of the Moorpark Beer Festival. Don’t say that we never told you.

1. The Event happens “Rain or Shine”.

We will not be cancelling the beer festival in the case of bad weather (wind, rain, etc) therefore there are no refunds for tickets.  If you decide not to attend you are also not entitled to a refund.

2. The Last Pour is at 4:00pm.

Even though the event runs until 5pm, the State if California requires that the beer taps be turned off before the event ends. Still, you get 4 hours to enjoy local craft brew so you shouldn’t be rushed to sample beer.

3. The event is 21 and over only.  Please do not bring your children.

I guess some beer festivals let you bring your kids with you.  This one does not, please get a babysitter.  Also, we won’t refund your tickets if one of you has to take the kids home and watch them.

4. Sorry, No animals allowed either.

I know Fido is great with people and lovable, but our insurance guy said that we can’t allow animals ’cause we are liable for any attacks, accidents, etc.

5. No Outside Food or Drink

This one isn’t our rule.  This is a Health Department Code.  If it isn’t prepackaged food that has been inspected by the VC Health Department, it cannot be served.  Sorry.  I love those pretzel necklaces too!  Please don’t bring them or your will have to throw them away before you go in.

6. No “Ins and Outs”

No, you’re not allowed to go back to your car to take a few swigs of your bottle and then come back in the beer festival.  Once you leave, you are not allowed back in.  Make sure that you bring everything you need at the beginning.

7. Don’t Drive Home Drunk

We offer non-drinking tickets for your designated driver.  Also, we have Uber and Lyft in Moorpark.  Don’t take the risk!!

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