The Moorpark Beer Festival is committed to making sure everyone gets a safe ride home from our event.  Here are a couple things we are doing to help!

Designated Driver Tickets

Back by popular demand are half-price Designated Driver Tickets.  These tickets are $25 ($20 presale) and allow you all of the benefits of attending the festival without beer tasting.  What does a DD Ticket get you, you ask? Designated drivers get access to the Festival, they get to enjoy hours of live music and they can get food from the 16 gourmet food trucks (for a fee).  As an added bonus, Designated Drivers get to take care of their drunk friends and make sure they get home safely.  Is that the real reward?

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Smart Shuttle Rides

Smart Shuttle

Smart shuttle offers door-to-door pickup and delivery service.  For a fee — dependant on where you live, you can get picked up, dropped off or both.  Book your rides in advance by calling Smart Shuttle at 805-482-0202.

Shuttle Pricing

  • Shuttle Pricing for 1-way trips only.
  • Shuttle rates are based on persons going to the same destination.
  • Shuttles can be pre-booked for service to the event with 24 hrs notice.
  • Shuttle payment can be Cash, Credit or Debit card.
  • Shuttle wait times will vary depending on the distance each shuttle must travel to reach its final destination.
  • Shuttle groups will be assigned based on destination locations.
  • You must pay the Smart Shuttle representative in advance to boarding the shuttle.

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